I am currently using EndeavourOS, but am annoyed by the constant daily updates of 1GB and pacman not installing important dependencies automatically (ex: spell checker for document editor). I like the way Fedora works: you update whenever, important dependencies are downloaded automatically, and packages are recent-ish, but I don’t like that it takes forever to run dnf. I don’t want to use Manjaro (apparently it breaks quickly?), and the distro needs to support KDE. I know about Flatpak, but I don’t want to download 1GB of data for each app. Are there any good options?

(Yes, I can probably deal with Fedora, but dnf is slower than apt, and I don’t want to deal with external repositories for non-free software.)

EDIT: I do not want to tweak or edit configuration files, I just need something that has up to date packages and “just works”.

  • @blackstratA
    5 months ago

    Try using yay with EndeavourOS. It’s much easier than pacman for most standard stuff but if you have to you can use pacman too as yay is basically a wrapper around pacman.

    To do a full update you literally just type yay. To install something it’s yay <searchterm> and then you’re given a list of possibilities including your related sub packages and can make multiple selections at once.